Professional Grade Car Wash Chemicals and Supplies

SELECT Polish Pad 

Polish. Pair with SELECT #2 Polish for a deep shine and gloss. 


Cut Pad. Pair with SELECT #1 Compound for excellent repair of scratches and swirls. 

SELECT Final Finish Pad 

Final Finish. Pair with SELECT #3 Sealer Wax for a mirror finish and amazing gloss.

Microfiber Cut Pad for Flex

Hex Waffle Euro Foam Pad for Flex:  Cut

Hex Waffle Euro Foam Pad for Flex:  Polish

Microfiber Polish Pad for Flex

Backing Plate - Flex Buffer XC3401

5.5" Sanding Pad

6" Black Waffel Orbital Buff Pad - 2 pk

6.5" Black Orbital Buff Pad

Backing Plate -DWP849 DeWalt Buffer

Wool Buff Pad:


Wool Buff Pad:


Black Foam Buff Pad:

Final Finish

Blue Foam Buff Pad:

Soft Polish

Green Foam Buff Pad:

Light Cut

Yellow Foam Buff Pad: Medium Cut

White Foam Buff Pad:

Heavy Cut