Professional Grade Car Wash Chemicals and Supplies


We Can Get It

Have a special request for a certain product? We will do our best to get if for you. We want to provide you with the products you need to be successful. 


Refractometer Readings

We sell quality products and we want to prove it to you. Our refractometer determines particulate concentration so you can see why our products are superior to others out there on the market that may be cheaper but watered down. Let us show you why we are the best choice for quality chemicals by allowing us to scientifically prove it to you. Schedule a demonstration today. 

Hydrominder and Proportioner Adjustments

We can accurately adjust and provide analysis of hydrominders and proportioners to determine the ideal level of product use to ensure maximum efficiency.  

Product Use Analysis

Our staff can professionally assess your level of product use. We are not in the business of selling you product you don't need. We want to ensure maximum efficiency of product use for you and will accurately advise you of dilution ratios and product application. Our products are of higher quality, meaning they are typically highly concentrated which allows you, the customer, make a container of product last longer than the competition. We can provide dilution ration determinations, product cost per car analysis and water use analysis in car washes among other things. Our expert staff can help you with these determinations and set you up to be highly successful. 



Our buffers are professionally repaired by a local shop. We can take your buffer to the shop, have it serviced and then return it to you promptly. 

Carpet Extractors

We offer on-site extractor repair for most repair situations. Switches, wiring, motor replacement  and most other repairs can be done on-site. In the event of a major repair or time and/or tool constraints, the machine will need to be serviced at our warehouse. 

Pressure Washers

Most of the time pressure washers are brought back to our warehouse where we can spend more time diagnosing and resolving repair issues. Prompt return and a quality repair is our priority. 


Vacuums are typically serviced on-site as they are harder to move. 


We have all the tools, parts and pieces to service your tunnel to keep you working efficiently. Our staff is highly knowledgeable and can quickly diagnose problems and correct them on the spot. From dilution ratios, proportioners and hydrominders to chemicals and refractometer readings, we've got you covered.  


On-site delivery

We offer convenient on-site delivery to your location of business. We keep several products in stock on our delivery trucks and can bring any item by request. We do require advanced notice for larger items such as 55 gallon drums and specialty items that are not typically carried on the trucks.  

Friendly Service

Our friendly sales staff looks forward to serving you. If you want friendly, knowledgeable customer service then we want to service your business. Our representatives are punctual, trustworthy and can answer any questions you may have about car reconditioning chemicals.

Product Demonstrations

Our staff knows what they are doing, its as simple as that. We can demonstrate products to show how they work and the effectiveness and quality of our chemicals. In addition, we demonstrate new products that come on the market to give you more options to help you succeed.